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If you have items to sell, please call Gary at 770-455-4115, or send an e-mail. We will also take some items on consignment. Please review the information below before you contact us!

E-mail us if you have items to sell

What we buy- We are mainly interested in buying mint in box or packaged items in quantity. Our most wanted items include unbuilt plastic model kits, built plastic model cars before 1980, radio control and control line airplane kits, old hobby shop parts inventories, model gas engines and gas powered vehicles, new old stock toys, trains in all scales, diecast model cars (mint in box), interesting paper ephemera such as vintage menus, slot cars and parts, collections of pressed steel (like Tonka) or tin old toy cars, trucks, airplanes or boats. Music, TV or movie related toys, old transistor radios, and much more!
What we are not interested in- Beanie babies or other plush, dolls unless pre 1970 mint in box, post 1990 action figures, anything NASCAR, Hess trucks after 1988, games, trading cards, sports cards, comic books, used modern toys (ie we will buy Thomas the tank new in box in quantity, but not played with or loose). We can't use junky, dirty, or broken items. If items have been smoked around we may not be able to purchase them. 

How it works:
If you are in the Atlanta area - If we are interested in your items we will ask you to bring them in if it is a small quantity, or we will come to you if you have a large collection or stock.
If you are outside the Atlanta area, we will arrange shipping or travel if the value warrants it. If we arrange shipping- we will pay upon receipt and inspection of the items. 
We have in the past bought out entire retail stores and huge lifetime collections. We are fair and take alot of effort to make it easy for the seller.